COVID-19 Cartoon New Year’s Eve Edition

We know that we usually do Fun Friday on Friday for obvious reasons, but since the new year starts on a Friday, we thought a few cartoons to lighten your day before heading into the New Years holiday and weekend would be appropriate.

Obviously, most of these cartoons are looking back at the crazy year that was 2020 and starting to look towards 2021.  Hopefully they bring you a smile and we’ll be back with more health IT content on Monday.

Something to think about tonight as you celebrate the end of 2020 and start of a new year. Although, I’m pretty sure 2020 is going to stay with all of us for the rest of our lives. I know I’ll be hugging my kids tonight with a little more vigor than usual.

This is more than fair and pretty hilarious. 2021 will be better, but my prediction is that it will probably take 6 months to really see a lot of change. We shall see.

Let’s hope this is what we experience in 2021. As mentioned above, I think we’ll be dealing with this for a while longer, but at least there’s some hope on the horizon. We all need a little more hope leading into 2021.

Happy New Year!

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Pittosh Poulose

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